About Our Shop

Hi there! I'm Vicky - the mommy mastermind behind all of these doodles!

I live in Canada and I'm a teacher. I love adventures, pizza, and DIY.

Thank you SO much for supporting my online store - it makes me so happy that the stuff I make can bring joy and spark creativity in someone else (particularly the young artists!). 

Why am I making giant colouring posters?

Back in 2015, I started an Etsy store to scratch my creative itch (and to give me something to do while binging Friends & Greys Anatomy). I hand-painted hundreds of wooden signs for decor in people's homes and decorations at the special events in their lives.

But then, life got in the way (classic!). Getting married, renovating a 120 year old house, and finally having our first little kiddo - a bright eyed baby girl. I shut down my Etsy store in 2019 to have more time to give to these important things! Plus it got a bit crazy painting and shipping wooden signs out of our tiny condo.

Since becoming a mom and settling into my maternity leave, my creative itch returned. A hand-drawn Christmas gift for our 4 year old niece turned into a bigger idea: maybe others would love to colour on a big colouring poster too? And with that, www.biggiantdoodle.com was born. 

This is a passion project for me (the doodler), my husband (the website guy) and our little daughter (currently Chief Cheerleader and creator of smiles and wet diapers). We want to make sure everyone who places an order is super pleased and recommends us to their family and friends. After all, who doesn't need a little bit more colour in their life?

Thanks for reading!